Conditioning Short Sleeve Tee – Foundation Black


  • Adjustable sleeve design creates flexible ease of movement
  • Sculpted fit, for a figure hugging style
  • Lightweight, made and tested for comfort training
  • Smooth & soft material usage to stop irritation
  • Moisture wicking & quick drying design features
  • Ideal layering garment
  • Stretch material allows flexibly
  • Long lasting, durable structure
  • Made for performance training
  • Perfect for high intensity training


We here at Owncharacter condition wear take training very seriously, we have tested all our gym wear to make sure the fit is correct and can handle high intensity training. Our condition wear is perfect for:


High endurance, breathable, relaxed training sessions also warm up/cool down sessions.


When you look good, you train good.


Own your work out in its entirety.



Fabric composition:  88% polyester, 12% elastane


Weight: 140gsm


Machine Washable: Yes


Tumble Dry: Yes (leave to dry 10-5 minutes out of washing machine)



Perfect for moderate to intense workouts 4 – 5 times a week



Why we created gym wear?


‘When we leave the Owncharacter studio’s we all normally go to the gym, this normally happens 3-4 times a week. With our hectic routines and lifestyles, it is hard to wash and treat gym clothing so that it is ready for the next training day.


We also noticed that to buy a full range of gym clothing, for  one full weeks (So 7 days) worth of high intense training would be very expensive. So we here at decided to make our OWN training gear, the training wear had to meet two specifications.


Look Good & Feel Great.


Be Affordable.


With our minds set on greatness ‘Owncharacter condition wear’ was created.


High spec, affordable, gym wear.


Reusable. Price conscience. Performance Gym wear.

Fast fashion meets Gym wear